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Yogafoto | Diana Sans, Yogalehrerin |


PHotoGraphy and Yoga


Photography and yoga are my passions.


That's why I have combined both and since then have been trying to transport the intensity, spirituality and joy of yoga practice in images and combine them with photography.



My concern as a yoga photographer


I am not interested in reproducing common clichés in my yoga photographs, but in

the models with your personality

and charisma individually in scene

to bet.


What I don't want is to produce pure "gymnastic pictures" without atmosphere.

To transport spirituality and the "magic" of yoga in my photos is very important to me.





Wolfram Söll, Munich


Here you will find a small selection of the results of previous

Photo shoots with the yoga teachers Diana Sans, Otana Mirza, Elena Wegscheider, Jenny Sengpiel and Sandra Litter.


A larger selection of yoga photos

can be found at the following link



Photo shooting individual


You are a yoga teacher and need photos of yourself; portraits or doing your yoga practice.


Depending on your wishes you can book your shooting.


-> Duration portrait shooting:

     between 1 and 2 hours


-> Duration of practice shooting:

     between 2 and 4 hours


Includes 1 to 3 hours of digital post-processing each time.



Photo shooting Yoga-Studio


You are a yoga studio owner want photos of your studio.


-> Duration studio shooting:

between 2 and 4 hours incl. digital postproduction.

Photo shooting Yoga Retreat


You are a yoga teacher or organizer of yoga trips and would like photos of your retreat/event location.


-> Duration Retreatshooting:

between 1 and 2 days; approx. 5 hours incl. digital post processing.




Video Portrait/Retreat


A video shoot of you at your practice or retreat is also possible.


-> Duration Video shooting:

by arrangement


Yogafoto | Diana Sans, Yogalehrerin |

FotoGraFie Und Yoga


Fotografie und Yoga sind meine Leidenschaften. Darum habe ich beides verbunden und versuche seitdem die Intensität, Spiritualität und die Freude am Yogapraktizieren in Bilder zu transportieren.



Mein Anliegen


Mir geht es dabei in meinen Fotoshootings  nicht darum übliche Klischees zu reproduzieren, sondern die Modelle, die meisten davon Yogalehrer, mit Ihrer Persönlichkeit und Ausstrahlung individuell in Szene zu setzen.

Fotoshooting Individuell


Du bist Yogalehrer und benötigst Fotos von Dir; Porträts oder beim Ausführen Deiner Yogapraxis.


Je nach  Wunsch kannst Du Dein Shooting buchen.


-> Dauer Porträtshooting:

     zwischen 1 und 2 Stunden


-> Dauer Praxishooting:

     zwischen 2 und 4 Stunden


Jeweils inkl.1 bis 3 Std. digitale Nachbearbeitung




Fotoshooting Retreat


Du bist Yogalehrer oder Veranstalter von Yogareisen und möchtest Fotos Deines Retreats/Veranstaltungsortes.


-> Dauer Retreatshooting:

zwischen 1 und 2 Tagen; ca. 5 Std. inkl. digitale Nachbearbeitung




Video Porträt/Retreat


Auch ein Videodreh von Dir bei Deiner Praxis oder Deines Retreats ist möglich


-> Dauer Videodreh:

nach Vereinbarung;